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Hi everyone! It's been a greatly long time. I have been back playing maplestory for some time. Thought I'll revamp this forum and maybe try to keep in touch with a few of you. I hope I'll get to contact with all of you sometime near. - Rei, currently playing character OnimeNoRei


 Kerning Party Quest REQ LV 21

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Kerning Party Quest REQ LV 21 Empty
PostSubject: Kerning Party Quest REQ LV 21   Kerning Party Quest REQ LV 21 EmptySat Jul 12, 2008 7:16 am

Since it is too much to type.

I will direct you to sites that are informative about the PQ in Kerning.

In brief, this Party Quest is more of a puzzle solving. So you and your party has to work together to complete it.Successfully completing a Kerning City PQ usually give you 4000+ exp every time. Teamwork, patience and skill is required.

Completing this quest several times will enable you to understand it better and more at ease.

The Kerning City Party Quest requires your level to be between 21 and 30 in order to enter in it.

Websites with step by step information:

Party Quest Kerning ~ MapleWiki

Hidden Street PQ Kerning sorted in Stages
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Kerning Party Quest REQ LV 21
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