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Hi everyone! It's been a greatly long time. I have been back playing maplestory for some time. Thought I'll revamp this forum and maybe try to keep in touch with a few of you. I hope I'll get to contact with all of you sometime near. - Rei, currently playing character OnimeNoRei

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 Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded

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Ojou-sama *Jr.Master*

PostSubject: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Sun Sep 14, 2008 6:31 am

My FamZ!

I have to make this clear. If any one of you continue to post irritating comments and use inappropriate words toward others FamZ members. I will dearly reprimand you. This is one thing I disapprove of for the FamZ.

Let me ask you guys something. What do you really think about the FamZ? Some place where you can say stuff to people and not feel remorse or guilt for the words you have let out. What have they done to you? They don't deserve such words. If you think this way, then you are wrong.

At least, apologize for your mistakes.

What is the FamZ?
The FamZ, we are like a Family. We got each other back and help each other in need. You try to help each other out in need and be open minded about each other. "The world does not revolves around YOU." If you have a problem that is utterly about yourself--don't lash out at people. Either keep it to yourself or spill it for people to hear. We rather listen to your problem and be supportive. This is in either Maple or not. Every one needs an outlet for thier problems. Someone to hear them out when people shut them out.

"No matter the distance, the friends afar are always the ones to listen and hear out." ~Rei

This guild, I love and I take time to be a part of. Why? I am able to meet different people from different places. Hear about their struggles and their happiness. Your mind becomes open and not closed in the box of the social life your in. Also, I am able to befriend every one and get to know every one. I can appreciate where every one is coming from and accept.

If I wanted to, I could have use my authority to throw people out. Or even be a totally Bitch. Thus, you know I am not the kind of person to do so. I rather give a chance for a person to change and look back at their mistakes. For them to be able to accept their mistakes and keep moving forward.

I am living on the edge, but I don't lashed out on people for what has happen to me. I just keep smiling and enjoying every second that comes towards me. What is the use of being caught up in something that will not bring the best of my future? Just get over it and move on. This is how I feel about every thing. I don't let small things get in my path of success.

I know I might sound as if I am preaching. I just want my FamZ to understand, your actions do affect the next second of your life. What you say or do will haunt you for the rest of your life. So, think twice if not thrice about what you say or do. Don't go on with life with regrets. Accept it and move on. If you think this way--you will lead a more successful life.

Words of The Boss of All Boss,
Rei Lee ~ RyokoRei

~I am not as dumb as you think. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:59 pm

I can help you kick people if you want. Since, I can be more mean than you. You are too forgiving. D*** girl. =_= LOL. Seriously, you guys should know your own limits here on the forums. Common curosity to be polite to others.

"Treat others the way you wanted to be Treated" ~ Golden Rule


LOL. I told Rei to make this banner. =_=. Oh well, I got to live with it for now. For my future maple gf, Cheers! LOL

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PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Thu Oct 16, 2008 2:39 pm

powa to deee peeple word up. dare u peepl b postin that mess bout udder peeples u shood b ashamed ub urselbs!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
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Ojou-sama *Jr.Master*

PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:00 pm

lolx stabs.^^
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Samurai *Great Warrior*

PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Tue Nov 25, 2008 5:10 pm

yo thats right... even if you try to mean it as a joke you should know if its appropriate or going absolutly overboard. in this guild your considered a member of the BakaZ family, even though this isnt your real family you must treat the members with respect as you would with your own family. We shall deliever severe consiquences to people who should be disrespectful to another family member unless there was a reason or a special circumstance, speak rudely or inapproptatly a number of times even after being warmed a number of times you shall be kicked from the guild. Treat your FamZ guild members with respect or be ranked down in the guild, if you are at the lowest guild rank and are to be ranked down again you shall be kicked, if the assault is serious enough you shall be kicked from just that one assault. Please treat your FamZ members with respect as i have said before thank you for listening.

By Halos
BTW check my page in the introductions cause im ganna give the names of some funny videos even though i dont know how to post them on a page yet o.o xD
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PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:09 am

.....In other words

Don't f*** with family!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded   

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Vulgar, Rudeness, and Degrading Words--You will be Reprimanded
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