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Hi everyone! It's been a greatly long time. I have been back playing maplestory for some time. Thought I'll revamp this forum and maybe try to keep in touch with a few of you. I hope I'll get to contact with all of you sometime near. - Rei, currently playing character OnimeNoRei

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 Does anyone Still Play MS? or visit our Website still?? Just wondering!

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Guild Leader *Bossu*

PostSubject: Does anyone Still Play MS? or visit our Website still?? Just wondering!   Thu May 12, 2011 3:15 pm

WhatzUUUppp Guys, Hows everyones Doing? I know Your reading becuz you Still play Ms or just Visiting or Forum! I know alot of you Guys moved-on Becuz i still see alot of last Log-on or post since 2008 or 2009. I know its been 2 years but i want to know Does anyone still Play like ones in A month or go on just 2 check people? But Guess what I will go back to play MS if you guyst still Around. I know a lot of u I got no contact with anymore But i still have a contact with My sis Rhei <3 :)we still Greet each other On Christmas-Day and new years day ^_~ and i see halos ones in MS Online! what about Others? I miss You so much guys Already (sad face) thats why I made this Post to let U know I'M still Around here In our Forums just 2 check for new post or someone online! I miss The old day where alot of us online! but i know We all Moved on. If u guys still Around go Reply 2 this post Or if u already forgot your account here Just make a new one Very Happy So i know that your still Playing or Visiting our Forums.


YAHOO MESSENGER: add me Up @ (I'm online always Becuz i got this Application On my Iphone 4).

BTW I play Other game Then MS I Started playing this game In 2009. You guys Can Play with Me If u want Here i will give the link ITS Called "CABAL" its MMORFG game.

GAME Link:
If u wanna try it GO REGISTER first before u can download the Game! remember Read the Direction first before u download! becuz anti-virus Detect some of the file But its not virus! :HINT: just Turn-off your ANTI-Virus before u Start dowloading the game.

Forum Link (U can sign-up here, and hit me up I always check this Forum every day nowday. My USER is "wingless" .

So what are you Waiting 4 guys? Go Reply here or Contact me So i wont worried of u guys or cry becuz every time I visit this Forum but no one ONLINE.

:Side-notes Very Happy:

I dont forced u guys to play MS, I just want to keep in touch with You guys. Just like Me and Rhie We still keeep in touch on-each other !^_~! WE txted Each other and I or she Greeted on Holiday, In Christmas Day and In new years Day...!!!

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Ojou-sama *Jr.Master*

PostSubject: Re: Does anyone Still Play MS? or visit our Website still?? Just wondering!   Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:44 pm

Hey Al!

After a year, I'm finally responding and managing this forum. I just pick maplestory back up. It seems easier to level up now. Not like before all those tedious days of forever to level. I'll e-mail you sometime.

Miss ya too!
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Does anyone Still Play MS? or visit our Website still?? Just wondering!
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