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Hi everyone! It's been a greatly long time. I have been back playing maplestory for some time. Thought I'll revamp this forum and maybe try to keep in touch with a few of you. I hope I'll get to contact with all of you sometime near. - Rei, currently playing character OnimeNoRei


 Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50

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Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50 Empty
PostSubject: Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50   Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50 EmptySat Jul 12, 2008 7:56 am

The Monster Carnival are for those Level 30-50.

The good thing about the carnival is that you will not waste your potions. The potions are provided. The more you knock down the monsters the more drop and the less you get kill.
Also, you will not lose your experience points. Thus, you lose nothing.

Here you will make a party and compete with another party to gain the most points to get more bonus experience.
The new tactics system allows you to harm opponents and summon monsters.

Where/ Who to Talk to
You will speak to NPC Spiegelmann in either Kerning City, Orbis, or Ludibrium to enter Monster Carnival.

You have to form a party of 2-6 depending on how many you wish to fight *the opponents will be equal number to your party*. Once you get in you are allow to accept or decline invitations, i.e. if you are the first group to go in.

You will be either Maple Blue or Maple Red. Same with the Opposing team. There will be a display on the upper left corner showing the points achieve by each team. Underneath are tabs of which you are able to summon monsters or harm opponents.

Summon Monsters

  • F1 Brown Teddy 7CP
  • F2 Bloctopus 7CP
  • F3 Ratz 8CP
  • F4 Chronos 8CP
  • F5 Toy Trojan 9CP
  • F6 Tick-Tock 9CP
  • F7 Robo 10CP
  • F8 King Bloctopus (King Block Golem) 11CP
  • F9 Master Chronos 12CP
  • F10 Rombot* 22 / 30CP

Party Skills
Credit from MapleWiki.

  • Darkness (Party) - 17CP (Reduces accuracy for Warriors, Bowmen and Thieves, curable)
  • Weakness (Party) - 19CP (Disables jumping, curable, good when Cancel ***** Atk is in play)
  • Curse(Party) - 12CP (Reduces enemy Exp gain, useless, don't cast it, curable)
  • Poison(Party) - 19CP (Continued damage, fairly useless, a nuisance, curable)
  • Slow(Party) - 16CP (Slows enemy movements, useful, un-curable)
  • Seal (1 Person) - 14CP (Prevents use of class skills, multi-cast if you want, curable)
  • Stun (1 Person) - 22CP (Stuns an enemy for about 7 seconds, un-curable)
  • Cancel Buff (1 Person) - 18CP (Cancels HB, Rage, Haste, etc, un-curable ._.)

Protector Skills
Credit MapleWiki

  • Power UP - 17CP (Increases monster touch damage, useful-ish)
  • Guard UP - 16CP (Increase defense against Warriors, Bowmen and Thieves, useful-ish)
  • Magic UP - 17CP (Increases the range attack of M. Chronos and Rombot, useful)
  • Shield UP - 16CP (Increases resistance against Magicians, useful-ish)
  • Accuracy UP - 13CP (Increases accuracy of monsters, useless)
  • Avoid UP - 16CP (Powers up the monsters avoid on your opponents side, useful)
  • Speed UP - 12CP (Powers up the monsters speed on your opponents side, useful)
  • Cancel Weapon Attack - 35CP (Reduces damage done by physical classes to 1 per hit, VERY useful)
  • Cancel Magic Attack - 35CP (Reduses damage done by Magicians to 1 per hit, VERY useful)

Healing potions. Large potions affect the whole party, and normal potions affect the acquirer.
Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50 Carniv10

Credited MapleWiki. The rewards for the Carnival are as follows.
You get experience depending on how much CP you have garnered. There are ratings from A to D, and each has a relative CP amount.
NOTE: These are rough guesses, except for the A Rank.
* A rank: 500+ CP
* B Rank: 250-499 CP
* C Rank: 100-249 CP
* D Rank: 1-99 CP
* F Rank: 0 CP (Not likely)
Experience is as follows:
* A Rank Winner: 30,000 Exp
* A Rank Loser: 10,000 Exp
* B Rank Winner: 25,500 Exp
* B Rank Loser: 8,500 Exp
* C Rank Winner: 21,000 Exp
* C Rank Loser: 7,000 Exp
* D Rank Winner: 15,500 Exp
* D Rank Loser: 1,000 Exp
Maple Coins Reward Credited to MapleWiki
* Spiegelman Necklace - 50 Maple Coins
o +1 to STR, INT, DEX, LUK, 27 Def and 27 Mag. Def

You can get +0 in a stat to +3 in a stat. They have 3 slots, and are scrollable with Spiegelman Marbles, which cost 40 Maple Coins.

* Spiegelman Marble - 40 Maple Coins
o Adds 30 HP and MP to a Spiegelman Necklace. 60% Success Rate.
o Untradeable
There are three tiers of weapons - Level 33-35 ones, costing 7 coins, level 38-40 ones, costing 10 coins, and level 45-50 ones, costing 20 coins. It is not recommended you get any other than those specifically noted with a (***). Weapons are as if you picked them up from a monster - they can be above or below average, like the Spiegelman Necklace.
Check for weapons listings.

For Battle Fields and Tatics check
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Monster Carnival Quest REQ LV 30-50
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